An open letter to a good person

Aby Go
2 min readAug 9, 2020

“It was like coming up for air after months of drowning.” That was how it felt like meeting you. Your presence was a much needed respite from all the heaviness happening all around. I had just gotten over a toxic relationship that unraveled in the middle of a pandemic. There didn’t seem to be anything good to look forward to and then I met you.

You were far from what I thought I wanted.

You were in no way the Instagram fantasy that kept me hooked on the wrong people for so long. The stylish clothes. The luxury car. The fancy neighbourhood. We did not paint the town red and there were no impromptu drives out of town in fancy sports cars. You kept it simple and I loved that about you. My fondest memories with you involved scooting around town in your motorcycle and sitting in your kitchen watching you whip up your favourite dish.

But, You were everything I didn’t know I needed.

“So this is what it was like to be with someone good,” I thought to myself. After years of dating the same disappointing men, I had forgotten what it was like to be with someone good and to be treated well. And I don’t mean it in a holds the door, takes the check, gives you gifts, and goes with you to church kind of way that my cultural upbringing programmed me to believe was good.